Ansar Analitika

Tradition and experience

Located in Sesto S. Giovanni (Milan), Bicasa began its own ascent in 1947 at the initiative of two founders, Luigi Biffi and Giuseppe Casiraghi. After constant innovation, Bicasa becomes a successful company in glass processing (blowing), production of scientific instruments and design of technical furniture, employing up to 100 human resources with 18,000 manufactured items.

 Presence in international markets is ensured by an open view of globalization, focused on the needs of the foreign market.

It is headquartered in Bernareggio, near Milan. The building, with a total area of 20,000 m2, includes offices and production departments for wood and steel processing. The design and production are made entirely at the factory through dedicated internal departments, thus ensuring complete flexibility of the production cycle.



  • The most comprehensive range of product lines on the market
  • Technical furniture lines designed to keep pace with C4 technological innovation in analytical and laboratory instrumentation
  • Each product represents the synthesis of experience gained in over 70 years of history
  • Modularity and flexibility are the basis of each product
  • Materials, finishes and colours guarantee the perfect integration of the different product lines for an organic and efficient design of every type of laboratory
  • Flexibility, quality and customisation of the furniture are our DNA
  • Each finish is treaten in detail


MECC laboratory bench system, developed to rationalise space, distribute plant lines and place services in the most comfortable position. Rear module with vertical aluminium uprights prepared to install shelves and cabinets. Modular technical service panels capable of housing a large number of utilities. Worktop support structure of the “C-Frame” type, or other type, with a maximum load capacity of 400 kg evenly distributed.

Technical walls

DOCKWALL room partitioning system, designed to meet the needs of the laboratory with dedicated solutions and materials suitable for the intended use. Distribution of points of use for services and plant lines in a closed compartment, accessible even when the workstation is present. Aluminium uprights that allow shelves or hanging cabinets to be installed at the desired height.

Hanging beams

IKARO hanging service module, dedicated to the horizontal distribution of services and plant lines. Maximum flexibility of use with the possibility of placing fixed counters, mobile workstations and floor equipment under the hanging beam. Designed to adapt to any existing installation conditions with ceiling or floor anchorage using special supports.


KOMPATTO workstation, designed to adapt quickly and easily to any working conditions required. Telescopic wheels, with locking device, which allow the mobile bench to be transformed into a fixed workstation. Height-adjustable work surface, suitable for any work requirement with a maximum load capacity of 700 kg evenly distributed. Configurable with cabinets, shelves, lighting and other accessories to meet operational needs.


COLUMNIA service columns designed for overhead distribution of services with vertical housing. Maximum flexibility of use, allowing the use of fixed counters, mobile workstations and floor-standing equipment located at the columns. MEDIA CEILING grid structure, anchored to the ceiling, with aluminium rails for installing the columns and horizontal overhead distribution system for the plant lines.


KRISTAL Vertical Service Module line, intended for installation in rooms with floating floors. Fixing of the vertical modules under the raised floor with distribution and connection of the system lines. All-aluminium construction designed to house service utilities in separate compartments. Worktop, cabinets and accessories suspended from the floor with the possibility of height adjustment.