Ansar Analitika

ECOSAFE is the first Swiss manufacturer of safety products to offer the widest range of products, from cabinets and storage cabinets (with our safety storage cabinets) to the use of chemicals (with our anhydrous smoke covers). Ecosafe is a company that has existed for 50 years and at that time gained a respectable reputation.

Ecosafe products are certified according to the following standards:

- EN 14470-1 for safety cabinets for storage of flammable chemicals

- FM & OSHA - certificate for cabinets intended for industry

- NF X 15-211 - certificate for digesters

- EN 15154-1 & EN 15154-2 - certified safety showers and eye rinses

Ansar-analitika d.o.o., as a supplier of Ecosafe equipment, offers a range of safety cabinets for flammable and corrosive chemicals, as well as digesters and laminars. We also offer accessories for safety cabinets (trays), showers, waste containers and showers and other first aid equipment.