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Japan Spectroscopic Company (JASCO) was founded in 1958 to provide the scientific community with optical spectroscopy products.

Over the last nearly 60 years, JASCO has grown into a respected global supplier of high performance analytical instruments, operating in 57 countries.


The FT/IR-4x and FT/IR-6x/8x Series of FTIR spectrometers redefine this powerful, easy-to-use technique.  The FTIR Series includes the intuitive Spectra Manager™ Suite with integrated search software solution, KnowItAll® Informatics and database JASCO Edition.


The V-700 Series comprises of five individual models covering the entire spectrum from the far-UV (187nm) to the NIR (3200nm). Compact Design, Wide Wavelength Range, Excellent Optical Performance, High Speed Scanning, Dark Correction, Monochromator Step Scanning, User-Friendly, IQ Accessory, IQ Start, Accessories


The FP-8050 Series of spectrofluorometers includes four different instruments that provide solutions for the broadest range of applications  The FP-8050 Series has many flexible options for academic or industrial research, teaching, or use in quality control labs. Users can have the greatest confidence in their measurements, with an optical bench specifically designed for the highest sensitivity, widest dynamic range, and exceptional spectral purity with automatic cut-off filters to exclude higher order diffraction.

More details about all JASCO spectroscopy range of products you can find here:

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