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Oxford Instruments plc is a leading manufacturer of high technology products and services to the world's leading industrial companies and scientific research communities.

Ansar-analitika is an authorized representative of Oxford Instruments for the following countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, BiH, Northern Macedonia, Albania. In addition to sales, we offer support with installation, regular and emergency maintenance and service for some of Oxford Instruments and technologies.




ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPY (AFM) – Asylum Research (Oxford Instruments division)

Asylum Research is specialized in making the best atomic force microscopes for academic research and industrial R&D. Since 1999. Asylum have continuously worked to develop higher performance AFMs (e.g. resolution, speed), more useful AFMs (e.g. going beyond topography, extending to mechanical, electrical, and functional properties), and easier to use AFMs (e.g. eliminating artifacts, automating setup, making operation more consistent and predictable).

The Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope is the first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete 200 mm sample access and delivers higher resolution, faster results, a simpler user experience, and the versatility to excel in both academic research and industrial R&D laboratories.

Some of the most important features of JUPITER XR system are:

Higher resolution than any other large-sample AFM

Extended range 100 μm scanner is 5-20× faster than most other AFMs

From setup to results, every step is simpler and faster

Modular design adapts to your needs for maximum flexibility


Asylum Research Cypher Family of AFMs

Asylum's ultra-high-performance AFM family offers unmatched imaging resolution, incredible ease of use, exceptional environmental control, and scan speeds all the way to video rate

Cypher S - Starting Cypher model with ultra-high resolution, fast scanning, and a full range of modes

Cypher ES - All the performance and features of the Cypher S, plus a wide range of exceptional environmental control accessories

Cypher ES Polymer Edition - The ultimate AFM for polymer science, a Cypher ES pre-configured with everything for polymers

Cypher VRS - The first and only fully-featured video-rate AFM, incredible speed along with the features of a Cypher ES

You can find some examples at:

AFM Movies | AFM Videos | DNA AFM (


Asylum Research MFP-3D Family of AFMs

The MFP-3D AFM family offers the widest range of accessories for the widest range of budgets

•   MFP-3D Origin - Most affordable Asylum AFM, offers high performance and a wide range of capabilities

•   MFP-3D Origin+ - Same performance as Origin, but with a full range of optional accessories, still at a very affordable price

•   MFP-3D Infinity - Flagship of the MFP-3D family, offering the highest performance and solutions for every application

•   MFP-3D-BIO - Only bioAFM integrated with optical microscopy that offers all modes and accessories



The Oxford Instrument NMR Division offers instruments based on nuclear magnetic resonance technology. Oxford is one of the pioneers of NMR technology and offers a range of NMR instruments used in a wide range of industries and research institutions.


X-Pulse: new, high-resolution and broadband desktop NMR spectrometer

X-Pulse is a revolution in the flexibility of benchtop NMR. Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature with superior spectral resolution, X-Pulse lets you perform a wide range of experiments on the bench in your lab.

X-Pulse uses a 60MHz permanent magnet with high homogeneity and temperature stability making it easy to position in a lab and requires no liquid cryogens. X-Pulse may be used with either standard 5mm NMR tubes, or our easy-to-use flow cell.

The X-Pulse benchtop NMR system is controlled by a new and improved version of our SpinFlow data acquisition software making it easier to perform routine experiments and more flexible than ever for advanced users.

MQC + benchtop NMR analyzers - a recognized and well-known series of NMR analyzers!

They are used for industrial applications such as measuring the content of oil, water, fluorine and solid fat (SFC) in various samples. These are reliable working devices located in a large number of laboratories for quality assurance and control in the food industry, agriculture, polymer industry and chemical industry.

Oxford Instruments also offers a complete measurement automation system for MQC + analyzers:

Check out the complete Oxford MQC + analyzer offer at the link below

MQR - NMR spectrometer:

MQR is a research system designed for applications based on relaxation and/or diffusion measurements.  

Features: 20MHz TD-NMR research system, high performance digital spectrometer - T1, T1rho (T1ρ), T2, and diffusion measurement, pulsed field gradiens and VT probe options

Advanced data analysis, including 2D datasets

User programmable with open data environment

GeoSpec analyzer:

Geospec is the industry standard NMR rock core analyser and is used to test samples in the field as well as to investigate the mineral oil content of ores.


The Oxford Instruments NanoScience Division designs and offers leading research tools that enable quantum technology, nanotechnology research, advanced materials, and nano device development in the physical sciences.

These instruments support cryogen-free atomic magnitude research, with ultra-low temperatures and magnetic environments. These technologies are based on basic technologies at low and ultra low temperatures, high magnetic fields and system integration, with increasing levels of experimental and measurement flexibility.

The company was founded in 1959 as the first commercial spin-off from the University of Oxford, and has been a leading technology innovator in the field for more than 60 years.


They are available in temperature ranges from 4 K to below 10 mK



These systems use cryogenic coolants:

They provide cooling in the range of 77 K to below 25 mK

This family of devices consists of:

Optistat DN series and Microstat cryostats for spectroscopic measurements

INTEGRA and Kelvinox systems with magnets and various measuring systems.

More information about Oxford Instruments devices and technologies can be found at:

NanoScience Oxford Instruments - Nanoscience - Oxford Instruments (