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Renishaw is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group.

They design, develop and deliver solutions and systems that provide unparalleled precision, control and reliability.

Renishaw is also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (also referred to as metal 3D printing), where we design and produce industrial machines which ‘print' parts from metal powder. From transport to agriculture, electronics to healthcare, our breakthrough technology transforms product performance.

With more than 80 offices in 37 countries, with over 4,400 employees worldwide. Over 2,500 people are employed within the UK where we carry out the majority of our research and development and manufacturing.

Among other things, Renishaw plc, is a leading manufacturer of premium Raman spectrometers and Raman microscopes, AFM-Raman and SEM-Raman systems.

Ansar-analitika is an authorized representative of Renishaw Raman spectroscopic systems for the following countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, BiH, Northern Macedonia, Albania. In addition to sales, we offer support for the installation, regular and emergency maintenance and service of these devices.

Feel free to contact us to find a solution for your lab regarding Raman spectrometry.


inVia – a series of the most advanced confocal Raman microscopes

The inVia series of Raman microscopes is available in three models to suit your needs, from the inVia Qontor system - which offers full automation of the most advanced and focus tracking technology - to inVia Basis entry-level but highly advanced devices.

The following table shows the most important characteristics of each of the inVia microscopes:

Sample viewing

inVia Basis

inVia Reflex

inVia Qontor

Stereo viewing (binocular eyepieces)



Memorised and automatic post collection viewing


Software microscope control


Automatic white light/Raman switching


Automatic white light saving with data


Combined white light and laser video viewing


White light auto-focus (LiveTrack)



 Raman data collection

inVia Basis

inVia Reflex

inVia Qontor

Automated measurement queuing

Automatic focus tracking (LiveTrack)




 Alignment and performance checking

inVia Basis

inVia Reflex

inVia Qontor

Internal neon wavelength calibration source


Internal reference standards for auto-calibration


Automated Raman calibration correction (quick calibration)

Laser auto-align

Raman signal auto-align

Performance health check



InVia™ Qontor® confocal Raman microscope

InVia Qontor is Renishaw's most advanced Raman microscope. The inVia Qontor sees the addition of Renishaw's latest innovation, LiveTrack™ focus tracking technology, which enables users to analyse samples with uneven, curved or rough surfaces. Optimum focus is maintained in real time during data collection and white light video viewing. This removes the need for time consuming manual focusing, pre-scanning or sample preparation.

The InVia Qontor confocal Raman microscope features state-of-the-art technology which reduces the total experiment time and makes analyzing even the most complex samples easy.

Supports pattern display in focus while viewing it with manual controls

Offers Raman-mapping of rough, uneven and curved surfaces.

Little or no sample preparation is required.

Raman offers a chemical "imaging" technique in 3D where you can see the chemical composition and topography at the same time

There is no need for lengthy pre-scanning of the surface

Maintains focus during dynamic measurements, such as sample heating / cooling, and during very long measurements when conditions around the sample or in the spectrometer begin to change (temperature, humidity, etc.)


Centrus detectors: key for ultra fast Raman imaging

The key to implementing advanced Renishaw technologies within Qontor, Centrus is more than a standard Raman detector.

It was designed by Renishaw exclusively for Raman spectroscopy and imaging. Centrus has high-sensitivity detector chips, with thermoelectric cooling for ultra-low noise levels; optimal performance with ultra-fast data collection (over 1800 spectra per second)


RA802 Farmaceutski analizator

RenishZw’s RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyzer offers scientists in the pharmaceutical industry imaging techniques based on vibrational spectroscopy.

The most common objections to conventional Raman microscopes and infrared microscopes (IR microscopy) are sample focusing, speed of analysis, and ease of use.

The RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyzer combines Renishaw-proven LiveTrack and StreamLine technologies to generate chemical images up to 150 times faster than conventional methods, while retaining focus - ensuring high-quality chemical imaging of pharmaceutical products on samples such as tablets.

The minimalist design philosophy means that the RA802 shows unsurpassed speed and ease of use compared to alternative chemical recording systems

This table clearly shows the advantages of the RA802 pharmaceutical analyzer


Raman imaging (RA802)

IR mikroskopija


Suitable for blends



Surface imaging (mapping)



Identification of polymorphs



Rough / uneven surface



High resolution (1 μm / pixel)






Ease of use



Mapping a series of samples



Non-contact technique



Non-destructive technique




If you are interested in this technology, please contact us to arrange a demonstration or measurement of your samples on the RA802. Renishaw will be happy to perform a free evaluation and VALIDATION of the RA802 analyzer for your samples to give you confidence in the technique and purchase of this type of instrument.

Virsa™ Raman analyser

The Virsa fibre-optic-coupled Raman analyser enables you to take your spectroscopic analysis away from the confines of the laboratory microscope to new samples and environments.

Virsa offers the performance of a state-of-the-art Raman laboratory system wherever you need it.

Renishaw developed the Virsa Raman analyzer using his expertise in optical design and detector technologies. Virsa combines the power of laboratory-grade Raman spectrometers with the convenience of portable devices.

Features and benefits include:

Flexible, remote sampling with optical probes. A 5-meter-long optical cable is supplied as standard; other lengths are available on request.

Avoid the fluorescence effect by using multiple options of lasers of different wavelengths. Virsa allows the use of 532 nm and 785 nm lasers separately through individual probes or through the same object lens with complex probes.

High spatial resolution probe options provide fast and high-quality microscopic analysis.

Precisely locate and focus on the area of the sample of interest, which allows you a motorized, coded probe carrier with automatic placement in three axes (X, Y and Z) and probes equipped with a video camera.

The system is controlled by Renishaw's WiRE Windows (Windows-based Raman Environment) software for collecting Raman data and processing and analyzing data. WiRE is also used in other Renishw Raman research microscopes

This portable Raman system takes up a small work surface, can be used on a bench / table or can be placed in a 19 ”industrial stand. This makes it ideal for researchers who want to extend the application of Raman spectroscopy beyond traditional laboratory conditions.


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