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Witeg Labortechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory glassware, custom-built glassware, liquid handling articles, electronic witeg instruments and equipment.

The products fulfil the very high demands in the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical sectors and are delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide. Our actual product range covers more than 30.000 products which are mostly ex stock available.

1994 witeg Labortechniks quality management system is officially certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001


Laboratory glassware

Laboratory glassware from the basic element to the finished equipment – from burettes to pycnometers – all our laboratory glass are produced according to the existing norms DIN/ISO/ASTM etc. On his sector, our product range includes more than 20,000 articles. We produce according to drawings individual items and assist you in problems with useful suggestions.

Generally, at Witeg you can find all glassware used in the laboratory sector.

As a manufacturer, we provide competitive solutions.

You can find:

  • Beakers
  • Bottles
  • Chromatography consumables
  • Condensers, dishes, distillation and extraction apparatus, filtration and separation accessories, flasks, tubes, thermometers, etc.


Laboratory equipment

All our electric witeg devices have the advantage that they are identical in their basic design and in many components and that they are subject to the same production philosophy. The handling and regulations are almost the same and allow a save and easy use. We always have an economically priced solution for your needs.

We have laboratory equipment for:

-   cooling and freezing (baths, freeze dryers, freezers)

-   filtration and separation (centrifuges, manifold, rotary evaporator, vacuum meters,...)

-   heating (baths, incubators, heating mantles and tapes, hotplates, magnetic stirrers with hotplate, muffel furnace, ovens)

-   mixing and shaking (ball mill, homogenisers, jar tester, magnetic and overhead stirrer, rocker, rotator, shaker, vortex mixer)

-   safety and purification (autoclave, clean bench, ultrasonic cleaner)


Liquid handling

It is our goal to offer you a high-quality instrument for all tasks in the liquid handling sector. Therefore, we produce and sell a wide range of products for pipetting, dispensing and titrating which covers all demands here. In the dispenser spectrum, we produce for all applications and requirements – from the premium version to the eco version – volumes from 0.25 ml to 250 ml – more than 30 different devices. In the pipette field, we offer also all known volumes from 0.1 µl to 50 ml. Our digital burette TITREX complies all technical requirements and is considered as the most universal device.

We offer everything for:

-   dosing (bottle-top dispenser, spare parts, acessories)

-   pipetting (microliter, stepper, electrical pipette, spare parts, acessories)

-   titration (digital burette/bottle-top burette, spare parts, acessories)




We offer cleaning brushes, clamps, cork stoppers, cuvettes, disposable gloves, disposable test tubes, parafilm, pipette tips, spatulas, timer and much more.

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